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Ostomy Protector Seatbelt

Ostomy Protection While Traveling

Finally, a Solution to the Hassle of Traveling When You Have an Ostomy!

Benefits and Uses

Comfort & Confidence


  • The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt was designed as an Ostomy seatbelt for use during traveling in any form of transportation where a seatbelt comes into use. Keep one in each vehicle or RV.

  • The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt eliminates the stress put on your Ostomy pouch and stoma by offsetting the pressure applied by a vehicle seatbelt. With this, you can stop worrying that the seatbelt friction on the Ostomy will cause the skin barrier or pouch to leak. If you have both an Urostomy and Colostomy bag, you can easily keep two of the O.P.S.'s on your seatbelt. Contact us, and we will tell you how to configure them to span both pouches.

  • The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt is made in the USA, affordable, and easily allows for traveling comfort and protection for anyone with an Ostomy. It can even be used to relieve the seatbelt rub on the belly for post-Cesarean moms, or the pressure or rub that the shoulder belt places on a pacemaker or heart-assist device.

How It Works


 The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt consists of two cushioned rectangular blocks, connected by a strap, which are positioned on each side of the Ostomy pouch between the body and the seat belt, creating a pressure-free span over the Ostomy pouch.  

 The blocks are thick, holding the seatbelt away from the stoma/pouch,  and are attached firmly to the seat belt by Velcro straps. The straps  remain attached to the seatbelt when you exit the vehicle for ease of consistent use.

  • Attach the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt by opening the Velcro straps and placing them around your vehicle's  existing lap belt (or on the shoulder belt, across the chest for pacemaker/heart device patients).

  • Adjust for fit and comfort, allowing the spanning strap to span over the Ostomy (or pacemaker/heart-assist device).

  • Smile and travel worry & pressure free! 

On the Go! - Uses in Other Vehicles or Airplanes


 The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt can easily be reversed and attached to a belt or the stiff Velcro strap may be tucked into the pants/skirt waistband and covered by an outside worn shirt or blouse 

(as seen above).


The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt is discreet and if seen, probably would not be recognized by most people. 


Wearing the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt on oneself will help protect you when riding in someone else’s vehicle, or an airplane or rental car without attaching it to that vehicle’s seatbelt. This will help eliminate the possibility of forgetting and leaving the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt behind in another vehicle or when disembarking from an airplane.

Product Details

 Dimensions & Weight

  • 13.5" wide x 5" high x 1.5" thick  
  • 5.5" wide middle span
  • 3 ounces


  • 100% Nylon / Velcro Straps
  • Removable Foam Inserts
  • Moisture / Water Resistant & Easily Washable